2013 Match Results and Ranking Data

Match Results and Data - 2013 IRI Final Match and Ranking Data


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2013 IRI Update!

The page tabs will be updated for the 2013 Results, but here is a summary of awards and results.


Innovation First / VEX – Randy Larsen, Team 148

Allison Transmission – Kathy Combs, Team 234

AndyMark – Sam Mills, Team 11

IRI & IRI Teams – Anavir Shermon, Team 1241

Marcia Beatty & IRI – Eric Hennessee

FIRST Foundations

- Brant & Chelsea Bowen

Volunteer of the Year

– “Koko Ed” Patterson

Talent Show

– Bobby Van Ness, Team 20

Mentor of the Year

– Jim Irvine, Team 2175


– over 115!

Charity Auction

- $6264 for Riley Children’s Hospital and CASA


- LaserShow101 -

- Dean Simmons and the Kamen’s

Winning Alliance

1114 – 2056 – 1334 – 2337

Finalist Alliance

1310 – 67 – 3476 – 862




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IRI Webcast Details

Here is the link to the IRI webcast - http://www.youtube.com/indianarobotics


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Attached here is the TENTATIVE 2013 IRI Match Schedule.

The final match schedule will be distributed Friday AM. This tentative schedule may change if:

A team does not show, we somehow missed a team that does show, the host teams determine their schedule is too tough*, or we find an error.

IRI Tentative Schedule



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78 Teams were invited to the 2013 IRI and 69 will be competing.

Check the Team Listing tab for the list of teams.

Remember – Bring a Backpack for an elementary school student!

(Check the Charity Tab for Listing of Items)

RULE CHANGES FOR IRI:  See the Rules Tab


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