For 2024, we will award multiple Technical/Open Scholarships. We expect each
scholarship’s value to be $1000.
These scholarships are for 2023-2024 school year seniors who will attend post-
high school education institutions (college, community college, university, and
technical school). You must attend in the Fall 2024 – the check will be written to
you and the school and must be deposited into your “school account”.

It is very important that you follow the guidelines below and be sure you have
included all the requested information. Don’t make it hard on the sponsoring

Requirements / Actions

  1. Student must submit answers to the questions (below) and answer an essay
  2. The team must attend the 2024 IRI, and it is preferred that the student also is
    attending. If you cannot attend with your team, please include a statement as to
    “why not” at the end of your essay and have a team mentor bring the essay to
    the event.
  3. Applications must be received by Friday July 12 at 5 PM.
    Submit a printed essay, containing the information detailed below. Essays are to
    be submitted at the event and the specific location will be announced.
    Team Number:
    College / University Attending:
    Expected Major:
    Years on FIRST Team:
    Primary Roles on Team:

    Answer the following question:
    How my FIRST experience has prepared me to be successful in college. (Please
    add a short statement if you are NOT able to attend the IRI.)

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